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Sit Down, Shut Up and Listen

The Rev. Laird MacGregor When I walked into my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in the spring of 2018, a leathery veteran of the sobriety wars gave me my marching orders kindly but bluntly: Sit down, shut up and listen. I was in unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory, but I knew I needed to be there if I were to learn how to manage the incurable disease of alcoholism. My very life was up for grabs, not to mention my job as a parish priest, my career in ministry and the respect of those whose opinions meant the most to me. So I sat down, I shut up and I listened. And now, after years of inexplicable procrastination, I have stepped into another new and unfamiliar movement: the anti-racist cr

Revival in Pratt

The Revival was put on by the Episcopal Church in Western Kansas and held in Pratt, Kansas on June 7, 2020. The revival was led by The Rev. Karen Lemon and the Rt. Rev. Mark A Cowell, Bishop of Western Kansas. SHOW MORE

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