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Sonar & Annual Meeting

By The Rev. Canon Shay Craig, Christ Cathedral, Salina I love science because it offers me objective truths about reality through which I can discern God's truth at work in my world. One example of this is SONAR. SONAR stands for Sound Navigation And Ranging. It is the method with which, among other things, submarines navigate through the deepest, darkest, coldest, murkiest and least well-known regions of our globe. Submarines are, as you know, pressurized cans or tubes with no windows, or most of them have no windows. They are designed to take human beings down into the ocean depths, where they have no business at all without the protective shield that the submarine provides. Once submerged

“Love the Lord your God"

By The Rev. Harvey Hillin. St. Michaels & St. Andrew's, Hays A small boy goes to his father and asked: “Dad, where did I come from?” The father pauses, then tells the traditional Genesis story of Adam and Eve and their descendants down through history. The small boy then goes to his mother with the same question and she tells him the evolutionary science story about people descending from Neanderthals and primates like chimps and gorillas. The small boy goes back to his father and complains that the father lied to him, based on what his mom just told him. At that point, the father says” No, I didn’t lie . Your mom’s just telling you about her side of the family tree!” As a young child I hear

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