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Disaster & Violence Preparedness

Episcopal Relief & Development’s US Disaster Program connects, equips and inspires leaders of US  dioceses in The Episcopal Church to prepare for hazards that might affect their communities, to mitigate the impact of disasters and to help vulnerable people make a full and sustained recovery.


A church which finds itself unprepared during a disaster will inevitably miss valuable opportunities to minister to human need both within their congregation and surrounding it. A church without basic emergency communications plans and ready contact information along with basic scenario information may end up doing more harm than good in its rush to work in a disaster among other churches which have done this kind of preparation. Contacts made with Red Cross, government and state emergency leaders in times of preparation and relative calm will create the kind plan which will contribute rather than add to a crisis.



f you don’t have a church inventory when disaster strikes, your biggest problem may not be the fire or flood that destroyed your property. It may be trying to complete the inventory you need before a claim can be settled.

Click here for assistance on creating an inventory of all the parish furnishings and items. 


Further Resources


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