Bishop Cowell's COVID-19 STATEMENT

My friends,

I have decided that all public worship services and meetings in our churches shall be suspended at this time for the next two weeks.  We shall continue to evaluate the situation and shall reconsider this suspension constantly, hoping to begin again. 

Many people have asked me if this is a difficult decision to make.  It is not when it is clearly the right decision, and it is clearly the right decision.

Please understand; this is not a suspension of worship, just a suspension of the public gathering of the faithful.  WE need to continue to worship, both privately and virtually when we can.  We also need to continue those ministries to which we are called, as this is the most powerful worship of all, service to others as Christ served us. 

Please seek the opportunities to be of assistance in your communities as mankind the world over struggles to cope with these massive interruptions to our routine. 

Please also keep in mind that this will pass.  There are areas in the world where it has already passed, and a new day is dawning. 

It will be sometime before things are “back to normal” and may be even longer before we see the end of the world-wide impact.  Take care of each other.

In all things, use common sense.  Many of you, and many of your neighbors are at risk for a more severe reaction to this virus.  Please keep yourselves, and your neighbors as safe as possible by keeping a distance and being careful.

You are in my prayers constantly. 


God bless you all.