Bishop Cowell is announcing our 50/50 Campaign!


While the Diocese of Western Kansas is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, Bishop Cowell is making plans to support the work of the Diocese for the next 50 years – at least. 
Working with the Du Pont Foundation, the Bishop announced today a “50/50 Fundraiser” to raise $10,000 for the Diocesan Leadership Fund. The 50/50 Fundraiser will run for 50 days, ending on Christmas Day, 2020.  
The goal is to raise $100 a day from November 6 – December 25, and every dollar raised during that time will be matched, dollar for dollar, by the Du Pont Foundation. 
All the money raised will be placed in the Diocesan Leadership Fund, to forge a sustainable and enduring leadership for the next 50 years of ministry in Western Kansas. 
“This is a great birthday present for the people of the Diocese,” the Bishop said.  “We know that the bounty and beauty we enjoy in our congregations was made possible by the generosity of the people who came before us, and we are blessed to be able to continue that tradition and assure that the church is here for our children and grandchildren as well.”
The Leadership Fund is an account that is used to recruit, support and retain residential clergy in the diocese.  Like other predominantly rural dioceses, the clergy in DWKS are largely bi-vocational or retired.  The majority serve more than one congregation and most travel a great deal to perform their duties. When rural and small-town congregations need help in supporting their clergy, the diocese draws on the Leadership Fund to help.  The Fund is distributed at the discretion of the Bishop to support clergy with things like mileage, liturgical resources and formation. 
“The last two years have been tough for people in our diocese, and yet we have seen an extraordinary outpouring of generosity and support.” Bishop Cowell said.  “We now have four full-time clergy, six people discerning for ordained leadership, and a surge in lay leadership across the diocese. While we had to modify the way we worshiped during the Covid 19 pandemic, we found new ways to be The Church for one another and for our communities. This initiative draws on the spirit of resilience, abundance, and hope that is in the DNA of the congregations of this Diocese. I am very excited for our future and thrilled at this first step into that future.”
In addition to the 1:1 matching grant, a generous donor has volunteered to cover all surcharges for gifts make by SimpleGive up to $100. 

 There are some guidlines that the DuPont Foundation has put in place regarding the 50/50 match. All donations should be made digitally. You can do so at the link below. There is also a $500.00 cap per donation to be matched. You can make separate donations if you plan on donating more than $500.00. We appreciate any amount that you donate. God bless!
To make a gift to the 50/50 Campaign
1.    TEXT  “Give” to 6206088526 and you will get a link where you can contribute.
2.    Go to 
Please mark all gifts “50/50 Campaign.”